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Electron Microscopy




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Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Applied Beams CS3000 for tungsten, LaB6, FEG

super high-current HyperFIB system

Plasma FIB upgrade from Applied Beams.
possible with up to 7000nA of beam current  

Fastest material removal rates ever 

Maskless  Lithography

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Systems provide users with the ability to manipulate materials using light.
The mercury arc lamp provides optical energy at g-line (435nm), h-line (405nm), and i-line (365nm) wavelengths


Intelligent Micro Patterning is a lithographic patterning solution manufactures company  

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IV7 UniMill

The IV7 model of Technoorg ion mills has been designed for extremely rapid preparation
of high-quality TEM/XTEM samples with unsurpassed high thinning rate.
The design of the instrument enables both rapid milling with the ultra-high-energy
noble gas ion source and final polishing and cleaning with the patented low-energy ion gun. 

SEMPrep 2 (SC-2000)

SC-2000 SEMPrep for high-quality site-specific sample preparation for SEM application

 SEMPrep (SC-1000)

SC-1000 SEM Sample Preparation System for high-quality site-specific sample preparation for SEM application

Gentle Mill, model IV8 Gentle Mill, 

model IV8 for final polishing and cleaning.

Dual wavelength optical spectrometer

Our new equipment

In this recently developed instrument we implemented

 a new method for simultaneous measurement of size distribution,

concentration, optical absorption and complex refractive index

of aerosol particles.these parameters allow to indentify

the sources of pollutant aerosol particles that can be a main

advantage in environmental protection,

health and saftey and the detection of industrial aerosol sources.


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 Imaging Ellipsometer

A combination of nulling ellipsometry and microscopy, imaging ellipsometry over-comes the limits of classical ellipsometry. 

Active Vibration Isolation

Optimal vibration isolation is absolutely essential for creating and analysing very small structures.

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         Kammrath & Weiss Is a company that converting your application requirements into useful products, The main part of our work — traditionally grown — is in microscopy. Scanning electron microscope accessories.Kammrath & Weiss products are: Manipulators, Heating and cooling cryogenic modules and stages, Material testing as tensile module.
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