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B.G Technical Support Ltd was founded in 2000 as a 

service & maintenance company for the micro-electronics
industry in order to 
for the micro-electronics industry in
to support & to maintain equipment of Israeli companies.

The company was established by Mr. Hezi Grossman.
The company offices are based in Rehovot,
approximately 20km south to Tel-Aviv.

In 2010 all activities sold include Zeiss Electron Microscope.

In 2015, we renew our activities by represent leading 
Companies and Distribution of 
equipment for the Nano Technology, 
Semiconductors manufactring, packaging technology 
and Analytical, Metrology equipment. 



December  1, 2017

Sawatec - Swiss Hightech Systems
Sawatec Company Appointment B.G. Tech Ltd. as an exclusive distributor For the Israel market.

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